Máurine D'Evereux

Our Heroine, aged nineteen.
At first glance, she's impatient and rude, but inside, caring and defensive of those she loves.
A courtesan in Versailles, she's pretty disgruntled with her job,
and wishes to become a theatre actress, and eventually open her own public salon.

Lucienne Renard

Máurine's fellow courtesan in Versailles, aged eighteen.
She prefers to follow the rules, in contrast to Máurine's breaking of them.
However, she has her own mischievous side.

Édouard Badeau

An aspiring playwright commissioned by the Crown, aged twenty-two. Currently on leave from his studies at the University of Douai.
He is soft-spoken and avoids conflict whenever possible.
Is he in for more than he bargained for upon his meeting with Máurine?

Benoît Laroche

Máurine's fiancé, aged twenty-four.
He is attending the University of Paris, eventually wishing to pursue a career in teaching himself.


Benoît's classmate, aged twenty-six.
He believes himself an enlightened man,
but in reality, he can be very narrow minded.


Benoît's classmate, aged twenty-three.
He is quieter than his friends, but give him coffee or two,
and he can be quite opinionated himself.