Hello, my name is Carolyn Hickey. I've been drawing since I can remember, and began drawing manga since I was 13. I enjoy a good story with believable characters, and don't like to classify my comics into a certain genre.

My longest-running comic was entitled "The Galaxy Protector". Started in 1998, it began as basically a Sailor Moon ripoff, but evolved into a different kind of story after about eight years of working on it. It ended without a resolution to the story. The characters grew with me in my teen years and are still dear to me :) The comic was drawn very roughly and is very old, so I probably won't post it anywhere online.

"Heaven's Scar" (working title) is a manga that has been in my head since 2003. I drew two full chapters before I gradually stopped doing manga. The story involves a young man who has encounters with the heavenly unknown after a near death experience as a child. The story has several tweaks to work out, but I would, in the future, like to take on this story again. I'm working on a written version in the meantime, which may help me focus the story.

Transitioning from school to the workforce induced my comic hiatus, and for a few years, I worked on comics very little. Little did I realize how much I missed doing them until I started doing character designs for my current project "Strange Bedfellows".

"Strange Bedfellows" is my new project after an approximately three year hiatus from comics. Please check it out :)